Our goal is affordable healthcare for everyone.

BudgetRx is brought to you by caring local pharmacists who have been in the industry for 20 years. As retail pharmacists, they know the struggles of family and friends at the counter when they see expensive medications that put a hole in the pocket and sometimes delay treatment due to not being able to afford the medications.
It is our company's mission to help consumers save. Healthcare system in the United States is in need of transparency and we strongly believe in a system that gives consumers options to compare services and prices.

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Hear from our customers

Drug prices vary by pharmacy. Use BudgetRx to find current prices and discounts.
“My job switched health plans and now I have a $2000 deductible , when I went to pick up my blood pressure med, I was told $84 for my copay. I asked them if this card would help bring it down, and they came back to tell me it was now only $14!!! What a huge difference."

John Rosenfeld

"My mom is 70 and her only source of money is social security checks. typically her meds have always costed her over $300 a month which is a lot for her to handle. I went to the pharmacy vet to pick up her meds one day and I asked the pharmacist to try out this card to compare the prices between the co-pays and the discount card. out of the five meds that she takes this card was able to see me on four of my meds and I’m now I’m saving over $100 a month."

Laurel Marie

"I’m in between jobs right now so I don’t have insurance and I got really sick over the holiday break. I went to the urgent care and I got a prescription for zpak. I went to CVS for pick up and they told me it was gonna cost around $60 and then I showed him the discount card and i ended up saving about $50z I think I paid around $12. I was shocked and happy. This is a no-brainer."

Hector Navaro

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Drug prices vary by pharmacy. Use BudgetRx to find current prices and discounts.
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